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Kenpo Karate

Is an American form of martial arts that uses 80% hands and 20% feet techniques for self-defense.  It emphasizes street self-defense for men¸ women¸ and children. Read More.


2018 Tournament Season:

The first half of the tournament season came to a close, as the students from Pineda’s and surrounding area studio’s gave all they had at the WWKC. Congratulations to everyone for the hard work and thank you to everyone that helped make the tournament a success.

Scenes from the tournament:


2018 Promotions:

We would like to congratulate Sifu Gary and Sifu Tony for earning the rank of 5th degree black belt (Gary) and 4th degree black belt (Tony). Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you bring to Pineda’s Studio.

Congratulations for all the hard work.

Spencer Morrell (Orange Belt), Owen Adams (Purple Belt),Oran Pavey (Green Belt),
AJ Pavey (Green Belt),Jessica Maser (Yellow Belt), Marlee Maser (Yellow Belt),
Trace Erdmann (Yellow Belt),Ethan Conley (Blue Belt),Rois Hyslope (Yellow Belt),
Tim Radosevich (Brown Belt),Cortnie Morrell (Orange Belt),Andrew Bozner (Purple Belt),
Vinnie Pavey (Purple Belt)

Online Services Now Available:

Pineda’s Studio is excited to be offering to all it’s students and their families online services to pay your monthly dues or sign-up for the student portal. Click your option at the top of the page and you can pay with a Paypal account or pay with your credit or debit card, both options are available. If you have any questions or problems contact technical support at: 307-466-3071

Student Portal Is Now Open:

Ever forgot part of a form or a technique? Students now have the opportunity to watch techniques and forms online here. The student portal is an additional aid to the class room to help in getting ready for a test or a tournament. Ask Sifu Jim for details about signing up. For online sign-up click the Student Portal SIgn-Up button or Print your registration form Click Here.